Touched by the Spirit

33ten-commandmentsDuring the month of October 2008 our conference president, John Freedman and I, David Wolkwitz, had the privilege of leading the members of the Bonney Lake SDA Church and team teaching together an evangelistic series under the overall leadership of the pastor, Elder Ken Parker. Let me tell you briefly about “Wanda”.”Wanda” received a brochure in the mail and came by herself almost every night, missing only one or two. Night after night she would linger in the foyer and visit with us as she continued to learn amazing things from Scripture; she was so overjoyed at what she was discovering. One evening, a couple of nights after hearing about the Sabbath but prior to our asking the new ones to commit to keeping it, she was sitting very close to another interest as she and another lady interest were discussing the truths they were hearing. About that time I stopped to visit with them a few minutes before the meeting began.

As I stood there “Wanda” abruptly looked up at me and said, “I told my boss today that I couldn’t work anymore on Saturday; when she asked my why I told her that it was the Sabbath of Jesus and the Ten Commandments.” I was astonished that here, even before we had called for a decision on the issue, she was already arranging to keep it and be faithful to her Lord! “Then,” she continued, “My boss begged me to work one more Sabbath because she was short of personnel but that I could have all the rest of them off. So I agreed but I hate that I can’t be here this coming Sabbath to worship together.”

Now what was I to say? Of course I thought that if only “she had really taken her stand – and refused to work at all!” however, the Lord instead seemed to suggest a different thought.

“Well why don’t you work but not take a check for those specific hours?” I asked. “I can’t,” she said; “I am forced to take a check…” And then almost “as if” the Lord had inspired her she said, “I know what I’ll do. We had a lady at our office, which just recently died at only 53 years old. Her family is really struggling to make ends meet. I’ll just tell my boss that I want my pay for this last Sabbath to be sent to help them!”

How awesome and thrilling it was to see someone who had just learned this truth actually understand what the “love of the Truth” really was! I have been deeply impressed to be less judgmental and more Christlike in my compassion and understanding of how the Holy Spirit is so actively inspiring and leading souls to His everlasting Kingdom!

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