What Works For Me In… Winning the Hearts of Local Church Leaders

“When arriving in a new or first assignment never try to make changes to the status quo for the first year or two. Get to know your congregation (home visits) first and get to know what their perceived needs are. Try to determine who the church leadership is not just the church board but the movers and shakers that are in your congregation. Once you know who the real leadership is then have a meeting with them and ask them what they see as the most urgent needs of the church – might be membership issues or pastoral care or church infrastructure or a new roof or lack of finances or just about anything – go about mobilizing and caring for those needs a.s.a.p.

“Reconvene that group and give updates to progress. When those needs are met or on the road to being met then the church will be ready to do what God has called it to do and be effective in doing it. We to often think we know what a church needs when we don’t know the church.

“Embrace the local church school and challenge your church to do the same. But be a leader and model for your church – most churches are willing to invest in the youth of the church.

“Remember that Christ came to serve and sacrifice and He asks no less of His disciples.”

Blessings – dan mcculloch (forrestdan@hotmail.com) – senior pastor, medford seventh-day adventist church

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