Tremendous Resources to “Share the Hope 2009”

Every church in North America is challenged to have two reaping meetings in 2009, beginning on April 17 and September 11 unless an alternate date is selected locally. Three tremendous resources are being provided by the NAD to pastors and churches to prepare for what God is already doing- Satellite training monthly, and websites, and the Share the Hope Manual. In addition the NPUC continues to provide Momentum resources. Here are the details

  1. Satellite training monthly- Tune in to the Hope Channel the first Wednesday of every month at 11am Pacific Time for thirty minutes of outstanding soul winning training by Gary Gibbs and Bill McClenden. Additional weekly training will take place for four weeks after the recommended beginning dates of April 17 and September 11. Broadcasts will later be available for viewing at the ShareTheHope2009 website.
  2. ShareTheHope2009 Websites- is the website where all soul winning resources are provided and linked this year. Check it out frequently as more and more important information is added. An additional website, is where the public will be directed through local and public advertising. Check out the important dates and put them on your calendar.
  3. Share The Hope Manual– A great resource manual has been sent to all pastors in the North American Division on a resource DVD. An updated version will soon be available for download on the Share The Hope 2009 website.
  4. Additional NPUC Momentum Resources-
    1. Prayer Cards- Twice a year prayer cards are made available for every member in the NPUC. For more cards check with your Conference Ministerial/Evangelism Director.
    2. Momentum Reaping DVDs- Twice a year every church and school in the NPUC is provided an eight-part reaping series on DVD to help bring interests to a decision for Jesus and this movement. In 2009 the two series will feature the Byron Corbett and John Bradshaw series “God Said… So What?” recorded in Spokane last fall and the Derek Morris series “The Radical Teachings of Jesus” to be recorded in Vancouver February 2009. If your church or school does not receive a copy check with your Conference Ministerial/Evangelism or Education Director. A reaping series in English, featuring Jose Rojas in Eugene-Springfield, Oregon this fall, will be available on satellite in November and on DVD next January.
    3. Spanish Resources- A wide variety of resources have been developed for spanish churches in the NPUC in preparation for an eight-night satellite reaping series for the entire North American Division that will take place in Beaverton, Oregon this October.


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