Dream Big for the Lord

dream-bigThe Chehalis Spanish Group is a small group of Adventist believers that meet in Chehalis, Washigton. The group has faced many challenges in their continual desire to reach the Hispanic community of the area. A family from Shelton has served as the base for the small group and two other members from the Lacey and Olympia area. In the past year, the group faced internal crisis that led to the almost closing down of the group. The families persevered and made a re-commitment to the mission of preaching the gospel to their friends and neighbors.

Last August Pastor Jim Leon was assigned as the new pastor to the Tacoma Hispanic Church and also the Chehalis Group. Evangelistic plans soon were laid out and a prayer vigil was organised, Tuesday night prayer meetings were started and youth meetings every Sabbath evening after returning from sharing magazines and other literature. Three week long series of meetings were organized, the first by Francisco Brito, a teacher from Auburn Adventist Academy, and the second by Pastor Oscar Moreno, who lives in Los Angeles, California. Pastor Leon conducted a third series that served as bridge and follow up on the other two meetings.

Jorge and Marvin, two young men who had come into the area, one from Honduras and the other from Mexico, had been asking for work at the Chehalis Home Depot without much success, when a member from the Chehalis Hispanic group began to talk to them and invited them home. They had no place to stay and had not eaten for a day. They began to attend church and the first evangelistic meetings. They were provided with blankets, clothes, and food. They have continued to study the Bible and have found a refuge in the middle of their journey.

On November 15th 2008, the attendance at the Chehalis Hispanic Group was counted at 38 people, an increase from about 10. Praise God for His faithfulness and we continue to ask for your prayers as this small group of believers continue to dream big for the Lord.

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