Where We Need Missions Breakthroughs

The Adventist message has not gone evenly throughout the world. Some conferences/missions have a very high percentage of Seventh-day Adventists. Other conferences/missions have each Seventh-day Adventist church (if we have one) doing its best to take the Adventist message to a million people or more. And some countries have no organized Seventh-day Adventist work at all. Let’s pray for a breakthrough in the following areas. (Source: 2007 Annual Statistical Report, pp. 76-77)

Conferences or Missions Where Each Church Serves More Than One Million Persons

    • East African Union Mission- Somalia
    • Ethiopian Union Mission- Tigray Attached Mission
    • West Congo Union Mission- Congo Equatorial Field, Lower Congo Field
    • Attached Field- Eritrea Mission Field
    • Attached Fields- Trans-Mediterranean Territories (Iran Field, Maghreb Field, Turkey Field)
    • Caucasus Union Mission- Azerbaijan Mission
    • Southern Union Conference- Turkmenistan Field, Uzbekistan Mission
    • Chinese Union Mission- China
    • Japan Union Conference- East Japan Conference, West Japan Conference
    • Korean Union Conference- Korea, Democratic People’s Rep. of
    • Northeast India Union Section- Arunachal Pradesh Region, Assam Region
    • Northern India Union Section- Chhattisgarh Region, Delhi Metro Region, East Jharkhand Region, Eastern Uttar Pradesh Region, Haryana Region, Jharkhand-Bihar Section, Madhya Bharat Section, North India Section, South Bengal Section, Upper Ganges Section, Western Uttar Pradesh Region
    • Southwest India Union Section- Malabar Region
    • Western India Union Section- Gujarat Conference, Mumbai Metro Region, Saurashtra Region, Vidharbha Region (Nagpur)
    • Attached Field- Nepal Field
    • Bangladesh Union Mission- East Bangladesh Field, South Bangladesh Mission, West Bangladesh Mission
    • Southeast Asia Union Mission- Cambodia Adventist Mission, Thailand Mission, Vietnam Mission, Laos Attached Field
    • West Indonesia Union Mission- Central Java Attached Field
    • Adriatic Union Conference- Albanian Mission of SDA
    • Middle East Union Mission- East Mediterranean Field, Egypt Field, Gulf Section North, Gulf Section South, Iraq Field, Sudan Field, Yemen
    • Pakistan Union Section- Northern Section, Southern Section
    • Attached Field- Greek Mission
    • Sahel Union Mission- Burkina Faso Mission, Guinea Mission Station, Mali Mission, Niger Mission Station, Senegal/Mauritania Mission
  • Occupied Palestinian Territory


Countries and Areas Where Seventh-day Adventist Work is Not Currently Established and Estimated Population (As of December 31, 2007)

Country- Continent- SDA World Division- Population

Afghanistan- Asia- Euro-Africa- 31,890,000
Andorra- Europe- Euro-Africa- 81,000
Bhutan- Asia- Southern Asia- 896,000
Brunei Darussalam- Asia- Southern Asia-Pacific- 372,000
Comoros- Africa- Southern Africa-Indian Ocean- 711,000
Falkland Islands (Malvinas)- South America- South American- 3,000
Gibraltar- Europe- Euro-Africa- 29,000
Guernsey (Channel Islands)- Europe- Trans-European- 61,000
Holy See- Europe- Euro-Africa- 1,000
Isle of Man- Europe- Trans-European- 81,000
Jersey (Channel Islands)- Europe- Trans-European- 88,000
Korea, Democratic People’s Rep of .- Asia- Northern Asia-Pacific- 23,301,000
Liechtenstein- Europe- Euro-Africa- 35,000
Maldives- Asia- Southern Asia- 304,000
Mauritania- Africa- West-Central Africa- 3,124,000
Monaco- Europe- Euro-Africa- 33,000
Morocco- Africa- Euro-Africa- 31,711,000
Nauru- Oceania- South-Pacific- 14,000
Occupied Palestinian Territory- Asia- 4,008,000
Saint Pierre and Miquelon- North America- North American- 7,000
San Marino- Europe- Euro-Africa- 31,000
Saudi Arabia- Asia- Trans-European- 27,601,000
Somalia- Africa- East-Central Africa- 9,119,000
Svalbard and Jan Mayen Islands- Europe- Trans-European- 3,000
Syrian Arab Republic- Asia- Trans-European- 19,929,000
Tokelau- Oceania- South Pacific- 2,000
Wallis and Futuna Islands- Oceania- South Pacific- 15,000
Western Sahara- Africa- Euro-Africa- 480,000
Yemen- Asia- Trans-European- 22,389,000



  • Countries and areas of the world as recognized by the United Nations- 230
  • Countries and areas of the world in which Seventh-day Adventist work is established- 201
  • Countries and areas of the world in which Seventh-day Adventist work is not established (listed above)- 29
  • Estimated population of the world as of June 30, 2007- 6,624,528,000
  • Estimated population of countries and areas of the world in which Seventh-day Adventist work is established- 6,448,209,000
  • Estimated population of countries and areas of the world in which Seventh-day Adventist work is not established (listed above)- 176,319,000

Pray for a missions breakthrough until God shows you what else you can do…

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