Changed Lives: Impossible Possibilities

Rolando Frausto Sr., his wife Angelina and their son were visitors for the first time when they attended the Othello SDA church about 14 years ago. They were Catholic believers who had recently moved in the area. They had been invited to go to the Othello SDA church soon after the move. She continued to attended church wituntitledh her child, Rolando Jr. and learned over time to love it; she even got baptized along with her son.

Rolando Frausto Sr. also attended church. “Rolando was very active. He always supported the church,” commented Dr. John Mundal. “When his child went to the private school that we had many years ago, he helped landscape and supplied the gravel for the parking lot which we have today at our church. He has helped the church a lot and many have learned to appreciate and love him”.

For many years Rolando remained very active, but overtime he began to move away from assisting the church. Many of the church members, because of their appreciation and love worked hard to get him back to church; even the pastors who have arrived at the church during these past 14 years had worked hard to reach him. But with time, he stopped assisting church completely. It almost seemed impossible for many. From that time on his wife began praying for him daily.

A little time before and during the 2008 evangelism series, Rolando Frausto started to pay more interest in God’s word. He began to go to church every Saturday and Tuesdays, and would be the first at church along with his wife. Once again he became very active and supportive with all the church events that the Othello Spanish SDA church held. Everyone saw that God was working in his life and even he himself saw it.

After 14 years of prayer and the Holy Spirit working in his life, Rolando was baptized in an Evangelistic Campaign held during June 7-14, 2008. He came up to me one night after I finished making a call and praying, and asked, “What do I need to do to get baptized?” When I heard him ask this, in my mind I couldn’t stop praising God! I looked at him and said, “You are ready! You’ve study God’s word with me and have accepted Him as your Savior. All you need to do is get ready to be baptized on Saturday.”

God had worked in the life of Rolando and continues to do so in many other people’s lives. This experience for me showed me that “Where there seems to be no way God always creates a way.”

“For men things are impossible, but for God all things are possible.” (NASB)

Written by Pastor Moises Ramirez of Othello SDA Spanish Church

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