Creation Series Packs ‘Em in

untitledOver 200 people attended a seven-night series on origins at the Moscow, Idaho Best Western Convention Center the first week of November. The series was entitled “In the Beginning…” and featured pastor Stan Hudson. A co-host of LifeTalk Radio’s “Sink the Beagle,” Hudson was a University of California at Riverside geology major before Christ entered his life. He switched to theology, eventually earning a Doctor of Ministry degree, but never lost his love for earth sciences.With the University of Idaho literally across the street and Washington State University not eight miles away, the approach to the subject of origin was intended to attract scholastics and non-churched.

The first lecture, “In the Beginning, God or Hydrogen?” addressed the theory of evolution via natural selection as proposed by Charles Darwin. Recent pertinent scientific discoveries were brought in and emphasized for what was a mixed group: college students, university staff and community Christians. An overview of the conflict between science and religion was part of the opening night. Attendance was encouraged by the promise of a workbook the second night…and free dinosaur teeth to the first fifty attendees on the fourth night (when the subject was dinosaurs)!

Dr. Hudson pointed out the areas of challenge for the various theories of origin, including the difficulties for creationism in radiometric dating and fossil order. This open-mindedness seemed appreciated by many; never the less, the need for revelation to supplement observation was emphasized. “If I could show the logic of a Creator God wishing to provide objective information to add to (and even correct) man’s observations, I could then lead people into Bible study,” said Dr. Hudson.

The seven subjects were all subtitles to “In the Beginning….” They were: #1 God or Hydrogen (an overview), #2 Where Did God Go? (the problem of a broken world), #3 Pond Scum or Divine Hand? (man’s origin), #4 Dragons and Dinosaurs, #5 When Was That? (on age issues), #6 There Was Water (the flood) and #7 And In the End (the future). A website, still active, was established:

The series was filmed and a DVD series with a workbook is being prepared. Jason Satterlund of Spokane Valley untitlesd(featured recently in a Gleaner article on Adventist media) is the producer. A Genesis study is currently being held at the SDA Church for those interested in studying more.

The capacity attendance was something new for the Moscow Church. Previous public events had attracted only a handful of community people. The energy levels for evangelism have increased tangibly.

Creation evangelism is a passion for Pastor Hudson. He believes it to be a central part of the three angels’ messages of Revelation 14. He explains, “any approach to sharing the good news to people in these last days that doesn’t include at least a component of the reliability of Genesis’ account of origins and the flood is sharing an incomplete message. A judgment hour call lacks power if it doesn’t underline the fact that the earth has had a judgment hour call before…with devastating results.”


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