Upper Columbia Church Planting Reports

Hispanic Church Plants:church

  • Spokane: Spokane Hispanic 40-50 in attendance presently with good leadership ready to move out of Spokane Central into another facility. They plan to organize as a company when they reach 60 in attendance and then move to church status as soon as they can.
  • Pasco: Pasco Spanish Church is over-full and needs to plant another Spanish church in the Pasco area targeting people who will never attend an Anglo church.
  • Moses Lake: Spanish Church plant out of the Othello Spanish Church which will be coming for approval in 2010-2011

Orient: Local people are planting this church. Doing outreach each week. Meeting at the Wilder home. 35 in attendance with 8 pre-Adventists. They are using friendship evangelism, planning to start a food-bank, and trying to meet community needs. Two former Adventist families are in attendance. On occasion their attendance is 40-45.

West Plains: Average attendance is in the 50s with most ministries in operation. The Spirit is good. Looking for a Bible Worker.

Rathdrum: Evangelistic series planned for April 2009; Supper Club with a dinner once a month; Survival Class monthly. Attendance 40-50 weekly.

Plummer: Vibrant group meeting on Sabbath and Thursday evenings; Property on hold for now trying to secure a lease; 4-6 Native Americans meeting with them regularly; Needing their own facility soon; 20-25 in attendance on Sabbath; Temporary assistance for needy families.

Spokane Slavic: Meeting Sabbath Afternoons at 2:00 at the Spokane Lynwood church with 50 in attendance; three Sabbath School Classes, bell choir, health lectures every Sabbath during the worship service. Holding evangelistic training events. Receiving calls from various places asking for help with outreach to Slavic people. Their hope is to become a company soon. There are 18 Slavic Churches in Spokane – most are Baptist and Pentecostal.

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