More Than 800 Baptized

Thanks to a dedicated group of North Pacific Union missionaries who partnered with local efforts, hundreds of lives in the Dominican Republic are being transformed by the Holy Spirit.

During the past 12 months more than 16,000 people have been baptized in the Domican Republic. A group of more than 50 short-term missionaries from the NPUC experienced the front lines of the Gospel commission during recent evangelistic efforts in and around La Romana. As the volunteers return home they bring with them incredible personal accounts of the way God is working to change lives around the world. Thanks to their efforts more than 800 individuals have accepted Christ.

As part of the debriefing for our recent Dominican Mission Trip we asked each of our 56 participants “What is the Single Greatest Lesson You Learned on this Trip?” Here are a few of the responses–

  • As soon as all the world knows about Jesus he will come, so let’s keep spreading the word – Laurisa Pearson, mom of two 
  • God doesn’t need me to do His work, He could use anybody. God invites me to be part of His work not because He needs me, but because I need Him – Tim Williams, Youth Pastor 
  • God can help us wherever we’re at – Jeff Ladish, teenager 
  • God cares for His people so much that he will use even the weak to bring souls into the kingdom – Vonnette Stewart, Intern Pastor’s wife 
  • There is happiness beyond material happiness – Anthony Bray, teenager 
  • The Lord spoke to my heart through these beautiful sermons and gave me a deeper appreciation for the wonderful Bible truths and a deeper commitment in my relationship with God. I will be taking home a richer relationship with Jesus and more dependence on Him through His Spirit – Sharron Rudig, Lay member 
  • It is time for us in North America to quit making excuse when it comes to evangelism and soul winning – David Prest, Conference Ministerial Director 
  • The Lord can take all of our stresses, worries, and concerns and replace them with self-sacrificing love, peace, joy, patience, discernment, focus, clarity of mind, grace, and hope – Betty Carolyn Crawford, teenager 
  • A reminder: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me – Sue Patzer, Former NPUC President’s wife 
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