Mystery Man

richard2God is still eager to answer our prayers, and to lead people to a greater knowledge of Him, if we will let Him use us as his tools. Two amazing stories from a recent public evangelistic series in Pasco Riverview Adventist Church help to verify this.Richard Reynolds was a real mystery man. He came to the “Revelation Now” meetings by Jac Colon and turned in his card nightly, but no one knew who he was, and none of the visitation teams had been able to find him. Finally when there were only two meetings left Pastor Teddy Shupe was able to meet him, and quickly arranged an appointment for him to visit with Jac and Teddy. Imagine the surprise when during that appointment they found out that Richard recently retired from his position as a Christian Minister in Arizona when they discovered his wife had been stricken with cancer. He has a Master of Divinity degree from Texas Christian University, and a Doctor of Ministry from Faith Evangelical Seminary, and had served the Lord as a chaplain and pastor for over 30 years. Richard told them that he was moved as he listened to the sermons each night, and realized that Saturday was the Sabbath. Although his studies had clearly indicated that Saturday was the Sabbath for the Jews, and thus the Sabbath observed by Jesus, he had been lulled into accepting Sunday as the Sabbath simply because it was the tradition of most Christian churches. “There were not many silver linings to my wife’s illness,” he said. “But Revelation Now is one of them. I am struck by the Grace and Love of God, who continually reveals himself to us in Holy Scriptures even after years of reading and studying His Word.” He was thrilled to continue in His walk with the Lord by Following the Lamb of Revelation all the way. He too joined the Pasco church on the last Sabbath. Both the church and Pastor Shupe are thrilled to have a “new pastor” in their midsts.

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