What Works for Me in… Preparing Young People for Baptism- Marcy Perry

Editor’s Note- Marcy Perry, an Earliteen Sabbath School Leader, Pathfinder Staff member, wife, mom, and member of the Meadow Glade Seventh-day Adventist Church (OR Conf) has helped prepare more than twenty young people for baptism in the past six weeks (that right, WEEKS!). How has a lay member done it? 

Four key factors- 

  1. God impressed her with the need
  2. Her pastor empowered her (He said “Go for it!”)
  3. Her church member friends helped her with three carefully planned retreat weekends at her home; one for Sixth Grade Girls, another for Seventh/Eighth Grade Boys, and the third for Sixth Grade Boys
  4. She drew on resources and inspiration from www.YouthBaptismalSabbath.org

At first she talked to the young people about having a baptismal class but school, homework, sports, field trips, music tours and other items kept conflicting with the plans. Most of these young people had been around Adventist beliefs for years but had just not been brought to a decision to unite with the Adventist movement. That’s when the idea for a retreat weekend was born.

At the first retreat fourteen girls signed up. Four had already been baptized but wanted to help their friends prepare for baptism. All ten of the others decided to be baptized at the end of the weekend. Two were baptized within a week and many of the rest plan to be baptized on a Youth Baptismal Sabbath planned at the church. 


At each retreat weekend church member friends helped make presentations and shared their testimonies. For example, a mother who had lost a daughter in a drowning accident shared her experience along with hope she received from the Bible about death, resurrection and the Second Coming of Jesus.

Below are several items she used that can be adapted for anyone’s situation.

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