Changed Lives: A Good Night’s Sleep

April 2009 Eugene Spanish Church Evangelistic Campaign – Pastor Samuel Tahay

Two years ago our personal ministries director, Esteban, started a Bible study with Carlos, he is member of the Baptist Church, they studied the Bible for almost two years, but it was hard for Carlos to accept the keeping of the Sabbath.

One day Carlos introduced Albert, one of his friends, to Esteban. They started talking about the Bible and Albert got interested in studying with Esteban, he was very exited to learn new truths in the Bible. Albert was having problems sleeping, and his life was full of stress. They studied every week. Then Esteban invited Albert to our evangelistic meetings, Albert accepted the invitation and was early for the two weeks of our meetings, he didn’t miss one single day. I preached the series and every night I watched Albert’s eyes light up when I presented Bible truths. When I invited any one who wants to accept Jesus as their savior, Albert was the first to stand up and walk to the front. When I preached about baptism, he was one of the 9 people to come to the front. The last Sabbath, I baptized Albert as a new member of the Eugene Spanish church. That day he was very happy, he really looked like a new person in Jesus Christ. This week at our prayer meeting he gave his testimony. After his baptism, all his stress disappeared, now he’s sleeping peacefully, he is happy in Jesus.

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