Map Gallery of Religion in the United States

Want to know where the various religions are dominant in the US? Click on a link below to see a map. The Three Angels Message is to go to people of every faith and no faith before Jesus returns (see Revelation 14:6-20). Let’s go for it!

The U.S. Census Bureau, due to issues related to the separation of church and state, does not ask questions related to faith or religion on the decennial census. Accordingly, there are few sources of comprehensive data on church membership and religious affiliation for the United States. Perhaps the leading organization to address this gap is the Glenmary Research Center, which publishes Religious Congregations and Membership in the United States, 2000. The following series of county-level choropleth maps, which reveals the distribution of the larger and more regionally concentrated church bodies, draws on this resource. The maps are in GIF format.  

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