Soul Winning Quick Notes- May 2009

  • 140 Trained & Equipped to Give Bible Studies in Eugene-Springfield Metro area. On Sabbath afternoon, May 16, one hundred forty Adventist believers from Eugene-Springfield, Oregon area churches gathered for “Share the Light” small group Bible study training in preparation for Momentum meetings by Jose Rojas in September. At the conclusion of the four hour training 88 signed up for a Starter Kit, three Bible study interest cards and committed themselves to begin a Bible study group within the next two weeks. Four weeks earlier 100k Bible study invitation cards were mailed to the Eugene-Springfield metro area with over 465 responses to date.
  • Spanish Satellite Reaping Series from Portland this October. Spanish SDA churches across North America are preparing for a great harvest the week of October 24-31, 2009. During that week a satellite series will be broadcast on La Esperanza TV featuring Ramon Canals, NPUC VP for Hispanic Ministries, preaching to a live audience in the Portland, OR area.
  • Boise Metro Evangelism & Field School this September. Seventh-day Adventist Churches in the Treasure Valley, ID (Boise metro) are preparing for a major evangelistic series this September, including a field school of evangelism, featuring Ron Clouzet, Ministerial Director for the North American Division.
  • God’s Leading in Pasco, Washington. God is still eager to answer prayers, and lead people to a greater knowledge of Him, if we will let Him use us as His tools. Two amazing stories from a recent public evangelistic series in Pasco (Wash.) Riverview Church provide a wonderful reminder of this truth. Emma Lutz, a member of the the church determined to join the lay visitation teams led by Jac Colon (Read More)
  • Youth for Jesus at Gem State Academy, Idaho. “More sermons, more Bible studies, more evangelism…and we as a staff are trying to figure out how to make it happen,” says London Lee, Gem State Adventist Academy chaplain. He’s talking about the students’ response to Youth for Jesus, an ASI-sponsored program just concluded on the GSAA campus. For over five months, students, faculty, churches and the community have experienced a powerful renewal and transformation. (Read More). 
  • Earthquake Shakes Boonstra LA Evangelistic Meetings. Linda Caviness Ph.D., a Professor in the School of Education at La Sierra University, shares this report. “All during the month of May we have been having an evangelistic series in the Shrine Auditorium in downtown L.A. Last night and tonight were on the topic of the Sabbath. Shawn Boonstra, the It Is Written speaker, who is doing the series, kept saying all week that we need to pray specifically for these 2 nights because the Devil always tries to disrupt.  The Shrine Auditorium is where the movie stars do the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) awards, but we have the site rented for these meetings. Tonight as Shawn drew the meeting to a close, he asked all who wanted to commit themselves to allegiance to Christ to please stand up. As soon as we all stood (there were 2,000 present and most of them were non-SDAs), a sizeable earthquake began. The timing was perfect! The building was shaking and everyone just stood there. Immediately, Charles Haugabrooks and the female singer asked everyone to sing with them. Hands went high into the air in praise to God for sparing us all. And the audience just kept wanting to sing and praise God. It was amazing! On the news tonight, this earthquake has dominated. Everyone keeps calling in and saying, “I can’t believe this was just 4.7 on the Richter. I was in the Northridge quake, and this was equally as bad, yet we don’t have all the damage the way we did then.” It was quite a happening. It made me think about what it must have been like when Christ died, and the earth shook. This time, it seemed God was saying to everyone–I am He who controls all, and I want my children to recognize my authority and my love for them. Everyone left the auditorium praising God and deeply moved by what happened–spiritually and physically. What an experience!”

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