Changed Lives: Jesus Matters!

MAX-train-bikeOn night 1 of our Jesus Matters! campaign, at precisely 7:00 p.m., a young man ran through the front doors of the conference center where we were holding our evangelistic seminar. Our seminar greeters and I met him just as we were about to begin. He was out of breath, but with a smile on his face, he said, “I made it on time! I am here for the seminar!” I smiled and said, “Welcome! I am Pastor Steve – glad you made it. Help yourself to some refreshments – you are right on time!”

At our evening break; we had a chance to visit briefly. The young man’s name is Lucas and he found out about the seminar because someone at the Shawn Boonstra reunion meeting the Saturday before had picked up a Jesus Matters! flyer and gave it to Lucas. He told me that the Holy Spirit had prompted him to attend this series – I agreed and was thankful for this divine appointment. He was living downtown at the time and attending culinary college. He wasn’t sure where the meetings were held and how to get there so he caught the TriMet Max train out to the east side, hopped on a bus to Clackamas Town Center, asked for some more directions and ran from the mall the two miles to the conference center. Lucas had been praying to dedicate his life to the Lord. This last year, he had been volunteering at the Portland Rescue Mission as a cook and sharing his testimony with others he served.

Lucas attended each night of the seminar, fully engaged in the table discussions and very interested in learning more about a relationship with Jesus. Our seminar support staff was a great encouragement to Lucas as he enthusiastically studied the Word. The staff picked him up at the bus stop and dropped him off at the Max station or bus stop each night for his ride home. On night 5, he received a copy of the new Desire of Ages and proceeded to read most of it before the seminar ended.

Lucas said he felt very blessed by God through this study and especially by the people who he studied with night after night. During the meetings, he attended Sabbath School and church at Tabernacle Church a couple of times. He came out to the Agape Supper (foot-washing and communion) on Good Friday at Pleasant Valley Church. We had the privilege to serve one another and share communion together. Lucas was very touched by the service and the new friends he has made. Since the end of the meetings, Lucas has attended Pleasant Valley Church and has a desire to continue his studies in preparation for baptism. He wants to serve God with his newly attained skills and plans to continue to share Christ with others he meets.

Steve Madsen
Assistant Pastor
Pleasant Valley Church


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