Momentum: Vancouver Church Helps Community Begin Living with Hope

untitledBetween April 18 and May 9, 2009 one hundred and fifty-two people discovered how to begin “Living with Hope in Vancouver,” thanks in part to the Adventist Community Church’s commitment to public evangelism.

As a part of their evangelism cycle, the Adventist Community Church of Vancouver conducted a 16 night reaping series entitled “Living with Hope.” Pastor Gene Heinrich adapted new materials developed by the North American Division Church Resource Center to conduct this sixteen night Bible marking style series.

In preparation for the series handbills were mailed to nearly 30,000 homes surrounding the church, billboards directed people to the series website, and yard signs helped members connect with their neighbors.

Over the course of the series thirty-five guests attended at least one night, twenty made decisions to accept the gift of salvation, nine made decision to become active members in the church, and five made decisions to prepare for baptism.According to Pastor Heinrich the meetings, “not only presented guests with Hope filled Bible fundamentals they also equipped members for ministry.” On the opening night of the meetings every attendee received a free Bible, Bible marking guide, and felt tip pen. Then each night there after they would receive an additional Bible marking guide and a pen of a different color. One attendee commented, “By the time these studies completed I had everything I needed to share the hope with others.”

This new series began 6 weeks after the churches involvement in the recent Momentum series with Dr. Derek Morris and many of those who joined the faith during that series participated in this series as well. Now they too are equipped to share their hope with their family, friends, and neighbors.

Gene Heinrich
Associate Paster

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