What One Dedicated Member Can Do

We need more lay members like Allison Downs. North American Division President Don Schneider reports seeing Allison at the Ontario Conference Campmeeting this summer. She is planning to plant a church at Moosenee, on St. John’s Bay four hours from her house! Since there are no roads between her home and Moosenee she rides the train there. She sent Bible course enrollment cards to the people living in the town and fifteen responded. She has been giving these people Bible studies through the mail and has made a few trips to see them because the people said they wanted to meet the person who was studying the Bible with them. At the campmeeting she reported that in a few weeks the first baptism would take place of this group studying the Bible. In time she would like to see a Seventh-day Adventist Church established there. We need more lay members like Allison Downs.

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