Changed Lives: Showing Love to Grandma’s Kids

calls%20me%20grandma%20teeI recently had a talk with a grandma of four of the kids we have been picking up and taking to church for the program “His Kids In Action”. She said that the only reason she started coming back to church was because of the care and love she saw us give to her grandkids. She is not only wanting to be baptized, but wants to dedicate her grandkids into the Northside Adventist Church.

However, what is truly amazing is that the mission of the church has caught fire in her heart. She sees the need for a safe, loving environment for kids in this criminal hardened community, and wants to help the Northside Church be able to create that environment. She would love to see the Northside Church start a daycare program, and is willing to help and even start such a program.

Joseph Radelfinger

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