Lifelong Learning- Seven Great Online Resources

  1. Defending Adventist Fundamental Beliefs (or  Various articles and discussions with Dale Ratzlaff, Desmond Ford and other on topics such as the Sabbath, Ellen White, Pre-Advent Judgment, the Gospel, the Law and Final Events. Maintained by Martin Weber, Communications Director for the Mid-America Union.
  2. Creation, Faith & Science. Seventh-day Adventist World Church President Jan Paulsen’s recent statement on faith, science and creation.
  3. Which Old Testament laws have universal application and which were for the Children of Israel? Jacques Doukhan shares a Bible study on this important topic in a 2006 issue of Shabbat Shaloam titled “The Torah: The Law of God”
  4. Clergy Sexual Abuse. Hope of Survivors Ministry ( helps victims of pastoral sexual abuse. This video clip describes the need for this ministry.
  5. When God disciplines us. When God chisels the dead weight out of our lives it can be very painful. In one of their most requested skits, Tommy and Eddie (“The Skit Guys” at give a very creative look at a typical believer having to go through the process of discipline. Click to watch video clip.
  6. Preach better sermons. provides Adventist tools for better preaching such as sermon outlines, videos, etc.
  7. Plusline Resources. If you haven’t checked out recently you’ll be amazed at how you can find almost any North American Division event, resource, article or piece of information there.

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