Momentum: Creation/Evolution Continues to Attract Scores…

Pullman, Washington is home to Washington State University with its thousands of students and faculty. With a huntitledeavy concentration of science programs and majors. When Dr. Stan Hudson, pastor of the Pullman Adventist Community Worship Center, presented seven lectures in April on the highly controversial subject of origins, there was high interest and excellent attendance. Over one hundred people came, mostly guests, to hear “In the Beginning…God or Hydrogen?” The series was held at the modern Schweitzer Event Center.

Pastor Hudson has the unique background of having been a geology major at the University of California at Riverside before Christ entered his life. He then switched to theology, but never lost his interest in the earth sciences. What makes presentations on these subjects particularly timely is because the Year 2009 marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth and the 150th anniversary of his landmark book, “On the Origin of Species.” In it Darwin presented his world-changing theory of evolution via natural selection, challenging the Biblical view of creation.

The seven presentations were similar to those given in November, 2008 in Moscow, Idaho (home of the University of Idaho). That series saw over 200 people come, and the series was filmed for television. It’s also available in a DVD set of seven. A website ( assists continued contact with the many friends and enquiring minds that were engaged during both series.

It’s Dr. Hudson’s belief that the Three Angels Messages are partly aimed directly at Darwinian evolution, proclaiming a last-day message of hope in calling the world back to its Creator. Creationism/evolutionism issues are highly interesting to people today and represent a unique opportunity to present the gospel to both secular and religious audiences.

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