Why Not Try This? …A Week of Reaping in October

Unless your church has some other major soul winning scheduled this fall, why not schedule a Week of Reaping the last full week of October? Just put it on the calendar and start asking God to show you and your church family (-ies) who is ripe to make decisions for Jesus and His church.

Here are some simple steps to make this Week of Reaping a reality and productive–

  1. Calendar. By faith, put the Week of Reaping on your own calenar and the church calendar. It can be held in the church sanctuary or fellowship hall, in a neutral hall or location or even in the home of a member or an interest.
  2. Top Ten Interests Lists. Make a list of your top ten interests. If you are a pastor or elder, at your next church board meeting ask each person to do the same. Then compare lists and pray for all interests, especially those who show up on more than one list. If you are a lay member then do this with a group of friends.
  3. Intensify Visitation and Baptism Invitations. Intensify your visits to your top ten interests. Say (by faith) “We are going to have a special week of meetings and baptismal celebrations October 24-31. You love Jesus with all of your heart and want to follow Him in every area of your life, don’t you? Is there anything that would make it difficult for you to be baptized during that week and unite with God’s final worldwide movement?” Listen to the respoonses, show how God can solve any problem, and let the people know that at baptism not only are they committing to God but God and the church family are committing to them to help them succeed in their new walk with Jesus. For the first person who says they are willing to follow Jesus let them know they can plan to be baptized the first night of the Week of Reaping. See if there are enough people to have a baptism each evening of the week. At the time of the baptism take time to interview the new believer on how Jesus led them to this point in their life. If there is not a baptistry at your location you may need to have all baptisms on a Sabbath morning.
  4. Plan the program.  Keep it simple. A few lively joyful songs, an interview of a changed life (the person being baptized or one of the members), a Bible presentation (you can use the Radical Teachings of Jesus DVD by Derek Morris– available from your Conference Ministerial Director- or other simple materials), a simple appeal to follow Jesus in this area of life, and a short season of prayer.
  5. Coversions vs. Attendance.  Rather than measure the success of the Week of Reaping based on how many members or interests attended, think instead of how each conversion, baptism and new member causes great rejoicing in heaven. Even if only one person is baptized as a result of these efforts at this time God will bring revival to those who participate and a lifetime of blessings to those who take their stand for Jesus and the Adventist message.

Why not take the step of faith and put it on the calendar now?

Blessings to you,

Dan Serns

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