What Works For Me In… Reaching Our Community

Pastor Alvaro Sauza of the Missoula, Montana Seventh-day Adventist Church District looks for every way possible to reach his community with the Adventist message.

Two key ingredients of everything he does are–

1. Young people– Last year Alvaro was impressed that many of the teenagers in his district should go on the 2009 Dominican Republic Mission Trip and preach a series of Bible meetings. Although it looked impossible financially he challenged the young people, their families and the church family to see if it could happen. As a result many young people and parents participated in the mission experience. (Read one teenager’s testimony).

When the local church school was forced to close because of financial challenges Alvaro appealed for only a temporary closure. As a result the school board continues to meet and the church continues to provide subsidy in anticipation of the school re-opening next year. And the school grounds are being used this fall for a giant maze, raising awareness of Seventh-day Adventists and their school in the community as well as money for three non-profits from the proceeds. Over a thousand are expected to participate in the maze.

2. Non-stop soul winning– The young people who went on the Domincan Republic Mission Trip this spring have just completed a ShareHim evangelistic series this fall, resulting in a number of good interests. A few weeks later Alvaro began another series of meetings for the interests so they would not lose their interest! This December there will be Bible instructor training for the members and in February and March 2010 the Missoula church will host the Momentum Reaping Meetings with Brian McMahon.

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