Changed Lives: Influence on a Co-worker

storefront_screenI met a young woman named Samantha about eight months ago while I was working at Andy’s Market. She and I were employees working in the same department. She was raised as a nominal Christian and didn’t really know much about God. She often would express confusion as to what she should do with her life. She has since told me that my interactions with her and everyone around us in the workplace led her to become more open to receive the Gospel message. She saw that I had peace of deportment that she did not; I had a happy family—this spoke volumes to her.

By this time I had come to know that Samantha was struggling with bad habits. I had to be very careful in my conversation with her, because I knew she needed Christ in her heart. By this time we had only a few conversations about spiritual things, but one day, as a proposed answer to her problems, I gave her a book centering upon the life of Jesus called, The Desire of Ages. She is an avid reader and read most of the book within a week. I was very surprised and excited for her.

A couple weeks went by and I invited her to a weekly Bible study that was taking place at my house. She started attending regularly. Not long after that time I arrived at work and she told me that she had given up smoking and drinking. Praise the Lord! Over spring quarter I led out in Friday night vespers service at Village Church—Samantha began attending those as well. She also brought others with her. Her influence produced a rippling effect on everyone around her.

On January 10 Samantha signified her belief in Jesus and was baptized into the Seventh-day Adventist church. She has continued to walk with God and presently volunteers at a local non-profit ministry and has most recently found herself leading in group Bible studies. Praise the Lord!

Trevor Staten

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