Keizer Spanish Newest 30-30-30 Church Plant

Ten thousand dollars ($10,000) will soon be presented to the Oregon Conference of Seventh-day Adventists on behalf of the Keizer Spanish SDA Company as part of the 30-30-30 Church Planting Assistance Plan. This is the second NPUC church to qualify. (The first was the White Center Spanish SDA Church.) God has been working in a remarkable way among the Spanish-speakers of the Keizer community near Salem, Oregon. Here are some highlights—

Keiser- Meeting as a lay-led initiative in a house that they soon outgrew, they moved to a church and were organized in the June 2009, almost 100 people attend on Sabbath. From the beginning the leadership was strong and committed.

  1. Total population: Keiser is located in Marion County. Population is 34,010 Population has grown very fast in the last decade.
  2. Population of community cared for by existing SDA churches: none in Spanish, closest is Salem.
  3. Area of evangelism: Keiser. There are several established families that live yearround in what used to be a mostly temporary, transient Hispanic community.
  4. Total number of people living in the proposed area: 34,010, 12.5% are Hispanic.
  5. The source for the above infonnation: US Census, internet search for 2009.
  6. The company is a Hispanic congregation.
  7. Distance from Salem Spanish– about 12 minutes driving distance.
  8. Very open, there are not many Hispanic churches in Keiser, the Salem church has been a staple in that community for at least 10 years.
  9. School they will be supporting: Livingstone Adventist Academy. Confirmed by the Principal.

Keizer, Oregon

Keizer, a growing community along the Willamette River and adjacent to the capital city of Salem, was founded by pioneers who – immigrated to the Oregon Territory in the mid- 1850s. Keizer was incorporated as a city in 1982, and has been one of the fastest growing cities in the state in the past decade. The city increasingly attracts newcomers because of its pleasant suburban neighborhoods, good schools, strong youth organizations and relatively low tax rates. It is home to a Class A baseball team, the Salem-Keizer Volcanoes.

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