Momentum: The Gospel is Still the Good News! by Danny Kim

captureYou can only wonder, why people come to these meetings. You look into their eyes, and see that the Holy Spirit has been working on their hearts. We can only present a message that the Lord has prepared for us to speak. It is not just the speaker who is speaking, but we speak through our smiles we speak through our caring eyes, and the message is carried home by God’s Grace.

We pray that we might have eyes like Jesus did, and see the potential in every person that walks into our church. Jesus hasn’t given up on this world, and we, his servants, continue the ministry Jesus has called us to do. Miracles still happen every day. When we witness someone coming in their sins and guilt, and by the end of these meetings giving their lives over to Christ is the most amazing thing.

We had about 40 guests come to our meetings at the Vancouver Seventh-day Adventist Church, 15 or so regularly, and out of that, 8 decisions for Jesus. We praise the Lord, He still moves hearts. To see another 40 members come to the meetings was such an encouragement to everyone.

Our work is just beginning, not only do we to see baptisms, but we want see them become active members of our church. There were many who came to the meetings that did not make a decision yet, we will continue reach out to them, and know that Jesus is still working in their hearts.

For the greater area of Vancouver, there are so many to reach. The Gospels is still the Good News, and if we can get the message out there, Jesus has promised He would draw all to Himself. We hope that this is just a start of a Revival in our city. That people that drive past our church, and live in our neighborhood, would know that people love the Lord here, and we worship the God of Creation spoken in the Bible.

We are anxiously waiting for the coming of our Lord, but until that day comes, may His promises hold us firm in the Faith of Jesus.

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