Update on “Secretos de la Vida”

The North Pacific Union had the privilege of hosting the NAD Hispanic Net meetings held October 23-31, 2009, from Portland, Oregon. The satellite series was titled: “SECRETOS DE LA VIDA” with evangelist Ramon J. Canals. The meetings were aired by Esperanza TV throughout the North American Division and other countries. These meetings were a result of the combined and united work of lay people, pastors and church administrators at all levels of the church organization. More than 500 small group leaders were trained to invite their friends to their homes, teach Bible studies and prepare people for the meetings. More than 500 satellite dishes were purchased and installed in their homes and some churches, including 11 Pentecostal homes and 1 Pentecostal Church.

The reports are still coming in but so far 354 people have been baptized in the NPUC as a result of these meetings. Our goal was to baptized 1500, train 500 small group leaders and plant 5 churches. I am excited to tell you that by the time we began the satellite meetings more than 1000 people had already been baptized. In addition, that same week, there were free medical services offered to the community. More than 1200 people were giving medical care during the day. These include, diabetes and cholesterol testing, medical and dental exams, eye examinations, chiropractic treatments as well as cooking classes and preventive medicine. About 200 people from the community were line up for registration two hours before we began the nightly meetings. About 50% of those who came for medical reasons stayed for the evangelistic meetings. We praise the Lord for His guidance and directions and we thank all those who participated and prayed for the success of these meetings.

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