Lifelong Learning- 12 Great Online Resources

  1. Bible Prophecy Truth website– Amazing resources at your fingertips from from Amazing Facts.
  2. Ellen White Answers– Provides good research to answer attacks on Ellen White and her writings. Maintained by Professor Jud Lake from Southern Adventist University.
  3. Dwight Nelson Sermon Series on The Temple– (Aug-Dec 09). Includes hot topics such as Creation/Evolution, Homosexuality, Nostradamus, etc.
  4. The Bible and Evolution article– Outstanding, simplified evidence and reasoning believers can share with skeptics.
  5. Creation Sabbath Resources– Great stuff, even after the fact!
  6. The Liberty Blog– Great up-to-date analysis of Church-State & Religious Liberty Issues. See also Northwest Religious Liberty Association website.
  7. What Seventh-day Adventists Believe– Fresh explanation to pre-Adventists from GC website.
  8. Lilly Endowment National Clergy Renewal Program– Need a break from pastoral ministry? Check here for a possible financial resource.
  9. 31 Refutably Irrufutable Laws of Lame Leadership– Fun from Harold Cunningham’s Georgia Grown blog to nudge us away from poor leadership in our congregations.
  10. Endtime Issues Newsletter– All 224 of Samuele Bacchiocchi’s newsletters available online.
  11. Codex Sinaiticus– Official website about the oldest Bible manuscript in the world.
  12. Audio Verse– Adventist Audio books and sermons.

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