Momentum: Daniel and Revelation Chapter by Chapter By Teddy Shupe

Series held March 30, 2009 – June 6, 2009

It was wonderful to be able to start a new series immediately following the close of Jac Colon’s “Revelation Now”. He and ‘dena provided a wonderful evangelistic program, and left us with several interests. Since those interests showed up to “Revelation Now” because of an interest in Bible Prophecy, it seemed natural to provide something for them to keep studying in an area that interested them.

God blessed us with 35-40 people attending “Daniel and Revelation Chapter by Chapter” (DRCC), 8-10 of whom were pre-members from the “Revelation Now” series, as well as many new members. We met on Monday and Wednesday nights as well as Sabbath mornings.

Though we had no direct baptisms from the series, I’m glad for what it provided, which was a further opportunity to appeal to their hearts from God’s word. An example of this was seen in a couple whom Jac and I had interviewed and invited to join in with us toward the end of “Revelation Now.” However, they wanted to wait and continue to study. I was thrilled to see them show up and attend nearly all of the DRCC sessions! How easy it is for warm interests to cool off after the evangelist leaves and never see them again. By the way, Jac excelled at promoting DRCC, urging people at the “Revelation Now” series to be sure and attend – this did more for advertizing for DRCC than anything else! And even though this particular couple has not yet joined in with us, they are still faithfully attending weekly prayer meetings and church services on Sabbath, thank God!

Another individual came to many of the Daniel and Revelation Chapter by Chapter meetings, which I feel kept this person interested and attending. For me, if they are attending, it means another chance to influence and encourage them to make Jesus their best friend.

Bottom line? Even though we have not had any baptisms from the series as of yet, it was well worth the effort and energy expended!

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