It Is Written Evangelism in ROME!!!

Before I talk about Rome and the upcoming It Is Written evangelistic series, I want to make two observations about the recent earthquake in Haiti.

  1. It’s so sad to see how this tragedy has struck those who already were so poor and helpless to begin with. I’m very touched by how our Adventist church around the world has responded so swiftly and caringly. Even here in Italy our members are stepping up and donating. We’re indeed part of a great worldwide church family.
  2. Just think about this: In just a few minutes on that fateful day last week 200,000 lives were snuffed out. Wow! The power of mother earth! None of us who study the Bible should be surprised. And, friend, it’s just a small foretaste of the storm that’s coming upon our planet.

Now on to the Road to Rome… This evangelistic series is nothing less than amazing. Thinking about it gives me chills. I’m thankful that the leadership in Italy and at It Is Written came together and boldly decided to do what most people would consider sheer insanity: an evangelistic series in Rome.

This series will be such a boost to all the hard working members, missionaries, pastors, and evangelists around the world. If it can be done in Rome, it can be done anywhere.

Obviously, our enemy, Satan, is not going to let this happen without a fight. Let’s not forget that the enemy is very powerful, very crafty, very determined, and also very desperate because he knows he’s already lost the war. 

So here we are in Rome—dedicated wide-eyed church members and a bunch of devoted yet inexperienced pastors in terms of public evangelism. Kinda scary, huh? But we have nothing to fear because the Almighty God is on our side. Praise God!

This message is a passionate and heartfelt rallying call to you. As the battle for Jesus is intensifying here, we need the cavalry. We need your prayers. We need your support. We need your words of encouragement. You might not be able to be here in person, but through your prayers you are indeed here. 

Please pray for us. Pray for our beloved church members and pastors, pray for the advertising, pray for the people seeking and searching for something better in life. Pray for the hall and the equipment. Pray that there will be no disruptions to our meetings, and of course, pray for Pastor Shawn.

In the Old West, when stranded travelers were under attack, the distant sound of the cavalry’s bugle gave them courage and hope to keep fighting. We here need to hear “Calvary’s bugle.” 

Through your prayers and support, the team here in Rome will know that they are not alone and that they have the prayer and support of people all around the world.

Before I conclude this message, here are a few important facts: Over the next two weeks, we will cover the city of Rome with advertising. At least 800,000 flyers are being distributed home-to-home by church members. Five radio stations will be running 30-second spots. Buses and subways will have posters plastered all over them. It’s happening!

Thank you for reading this message. Please share this website with all who might care and be interested. These days, people are so eager to forward mostly useless stuff (you know what I mean). This time, do forward a message that is far from useless—a plea from a little pastor in Rome whose friends here (and me, too) need to hear the bugle sound!

God bless you,

Pastor Yves Monnier

P.S. Your support and prayers are crucial as we approach this full month of meetings. If you’d like to stay updated on this series, please visit


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