Momentum: Don’t be Disapointed, Check HIM Out! by David McCoy

Jose Rojas came to the Eugene-Springfield area in September 2009. For eight nights he presented the case for Christ. There is a lot of confusion about who God is. If you were to ask people to describe God you would get as many different pictures as the number of people you asked. Jose showed us that it is not about who is right or who is wrong, it is whether you have experienced God? The appeal was to at least give Jesus a look and check Him out for yourself.

Lots of people came to the meetings and experienced God in many different ways. Some were reluctant to come only because they did not know much about Jose Rojas. Once they came it didn’t take them long to be won over by Jose’s winning personality and unique experience. Jose could identify with many different types of people, and they could relate with him. Most importantly the people were moved by how Jesus changed Jose’s life.

One couple who came was invited by one of our Pleasant Hill members. This couple owns a logging supply business in Springfield. They had drifted away from God and hadn’t attended their church for some time. After the meeting the wife told Jose that after listening to him she decided that they needed to get back to mass. They both were excited about their renewed conviction, Jose asked them to continue to keep an open mind to the leading of the Spirit in their lives. Kendal is still working with them and they are continuing to learn more about Jesus.

Shanda who is presently attending Laurelwood Academy was born in India, and was adopted by a couple in France where she grew up. As she entered her teen years she wanted to study in the United States, hoping that she could find a positive influence here. Luiza started bible studies with Shanda and invited her to the Check Him Out series. Shanda loved to hear the stories Jose told about experiencing Jesus personally. She decided to follow Jesus’ example and be baptized. Her parents and brother came from France to share the experience with Shanda. Her family and friends were overjoyed with her decision.

Our young people caught the joy that Jose was sharing. They loved the songs he shared each and every night and his positive outlook on allowing Jesus to lead their lives. Jacob and Allison came every night with their parents, they saw others make decisions for Jesus and they wanted to do the same. Because the meetings only lasted for eight nights they wanted more time to study more deeply. We are currently in Bible studies with them and are planning a baptism in February.

Another young person named Forest came with his parents. He asked his parents to bring him each night. He became convicted that he wanted to be baptized. Him and his dad are studying together the lessons and we are planning on a baptism in January or February. His parents are excited about his decision and are glad that Jose came to Eugene.

Jose was right! All you need to do is give God a chance in your life and you won’t be disappointed. Just Check Him Out!

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