Changed Lives: “Take off Your Headphones” by William Earnhardt

Late this afternoon I took my laundry to the apartment Laundromat. I really wasn’t in the mood and had other things to do, but something was telling me, “do it now, get it out of the way.” I grabbed my MP3 player so I could listen to the Bible as I did my laundry. I walk into the laundromat and an older man asks me a question. I did not understand so I asked him to repeat it. He told me, “Take off your headphones.” Not used to strangers telling me what to do but okay, whatever, I removed the headphones. He asked me if I was listening to the football game. I told him no but I had heard what the score was.

He started rambling about the west coast offense and on how the teams that were great a few years ago are not great today because greatness is not inherited. It is only on an individual basis. I agreed even though I was not sure what he was talking about, and told him that is why everyone needs their own relationship with Jesus since its on an individual basis and not inherited. He totally agreed with me and said that was exactly what he was talking about! I asked him where he went to church. He did not answer but asked me where I went. I told him. He told me when he was in Nigeria he went to an Adventist boarding school and assured me he knew more about Adventist theology than I did. He told me those were the best years of his life. I gave him my card and invited him to our church and group Bible studies. He told me he would definitely come.

Later I was thinking how odd, this total stranger tells me to take off my earphones so he can talk to me, and then we end up talking about Jesus. Then I remembered that last night at the Radical Prayer meeting we were praying for opportunities just like this!

We talked for quite a while and sometimes he would get to what he called philosophizing and sometimes would get a little tense. Then I would direct the talk back to football, lighten him up a little bit and then bring it back to Jesus.

At one point I told him it was not coincidence we had met. He was not so sure, “whatever.” But later when I left I told him I hoped to see him again soon. He held up my card, smiled and said definitely, “You will!”

The gentleman’s name is Hillary. Please pray God continues to lead him. I think it is more than ironic that this happened right after our prayer vigil and Radical Prayer meeting.

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