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As we share the gospel, we want to find every way possible to utilize the tools God has given us. Today many churches are effectively using their church websites to reach individuals who they might not otherwise ever contact. This new outreach tool has opened up new ways to touch people in our communities and around the world. We praise the Lord for this technology.

Realizing that their website opens up a way to reach their own communities, many churches are enhancing their online presence using printed literature. For example, some churches are:

  1. Offering a free booklet on request to any visitor to their website.
  2. Having a “drawing” to give-away a book or set of book once a month among all website visitors who enter.
  3. Offering a free book or booklet to any person who comes to the church service and identifies themselves as a website visitor.

These are just a few of the many creative ideas being used by local churches. Do you have ideas to share? We’re compiling a list to help churches take advantage of these new internet-driven witnessing opportunities when printed literature can make the online contact into a real touch. Add what you’ve done or have plans to do so that we can all do more to spread the gospel to those around us.

Thanks so much!

Dale Galusha
Pacific Press Publishing Association
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