Church Marketing: 3 Parts to a Successful Mailing

By Vince Williams

Although churches define their success in ministry many different ways, attendance is almost always near the top of the list. It is, after all, a fair indicator as to the health of a local church. More people in your sanctuary each weekend means more people hearing God’s word and connecting with a community of faith.

If we want to see new faces walking through our doors each weekend, we must invite members of our community on a regular basis. While personal invitation is far and away the most effective method, postal mailings is another popular tool for building awareness of your church. The three foundational components of any mailing are: the list, the offer, and the creative. These three parts make up the foundation of your mailing, whether you’re sending a postcard, a letter, or a folded mailer.

Before you do anything else, you need to stop and think about who you are trying to reach. Previously in our Church Marketing series, we explored the concept of targeting your message. When preparing a mailing, keep your target in mind as you develop each of these components.


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