H.K.W.H.T.A. – Roger Walter

I’ve heard some really interesting comments lately about how some couldn’t invite friends to church, because they are embarassed by our worship service. Before you jump to conclusions on who might have said that, you need to know I’ve heard those comments from people who want us to be more traditional, less praise oriented as well as those on the opposite spectrum.

Having recently come from a non-traditional worship service, and pastoring a traditional worship style church before, I find the the worship service is not the crucial issue. It’s what is going on in the heart…. So, I’m personally saddened that anyone would think something so shallow as our style of worship would keep you from inviting others in.

Want it from a non-SDA perspective? Read this article: http://bit.ly/8ZSayT

This guy hits it on the head. It’s not about style, it’s about heart. It’s about what we do with our belief!

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