Momentum: “In the Beginning…And In the End” by Stan Hudson

The Pullman SDA Community Worship hosted another public lecture series on origins recently at the Schweitzer Event Center in Pullman. Dr. Stan Hudson, Pullman’s pastor, spoke to a group that included some 30-35 visitors for seven nights. Participants included graduate science majors, WSU staff and a radiometric dating lab worker. The series is entitled “In the Beginning,” which was recorded one year earlier and is currently being featured on the 3ABN television network.

After the seven night series concluded, Pastor Hudson continued with an eight night series entitled “And In the End.” This featured a section by section overview of the Book of Revelation, with an emphasis on SDA doctrine and prophetic understandings. Some 8-10 visitors continued in that, with the shared conclusion that they “wanted more.” Further studies on Daniel and Revelation are being planned.

Pullman’s Head Elder, physician Dr. Bob Spady, is encouraged. “We’ve never had the consistent high number of visitors as we have had with these lecture series on origins. Talking about where everything came from is a timely message that people are curious about.”

Pastor Stan Hudson, once a geology major at the University of California at Riverside, has a unique blended experience in science and religion, and feels strongly about this topic. “The message that we are created beings formed by a loving Creator is central to the Three Angels’ Messages of Revelation 14, and it is the mission of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to share this good news with a ‘loud voice.’ Evolutionism has also preached with a loud voice; their message is that mankind is an accident, with no purpose and no hope. So, the truth couldn’t be better news nor more timely.”


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