Lifelong Learning – Truth for the End Times has existed now for over 5 years. While I was in South Korea as a missonary, I saw the potential of putting Mrs. White’s books in audio format and distributing them around the world via the internet. With the help of Harvestime Books who donated 5 audio books on cassette to transfer to mp3, I launched this ministry. A few months later, I started the website and began recording books of the Adventist Pioneers. Now the project has grown to 38 books of the Spirit of Prophecy in English , along with 14 books of the Adventist Pioneers in English . Also, there have been added, in the last couple of years, 6 books in Portuguese, 19 books in Spanish, 1 book in Croation, 6 books in Russian, 8 books in Chinese, 5 books in Korean, 7 books in French, and 1 book in Hebrew. That is over 100 audio books in total.

Timothy Turner

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