Global Missions: “I Needed to Hear This” by Margarita Moreno

As I arrived in Trujillo I did not know there were people waiting outside so I decided to wait inside for the next flight that was due in one hour. 

So as I waited there, I decided to go to the bathroom to fix my hair and I met the cleaning lady, and since there were no plugs inside we stood outside and I fix my hair as I shared with her the Love of Jesus.  She gave me all her information so she can be contacted for the meetings.  After a half hour I decided to sit close to a gentleman that was listening to our conversation.  I greeted him and he said “can you tell me more about Jesus?”  So I gladly did and also told him about the meetings, and he said ”I have to tell you something:  My wife called me at 6pm and asked me to come home, but I felt the need to stay a little longer; now I know why, the Holy Spirit was speaking to me. I needed to hear this.”  Then he said, “my marriage is at a point of separating, but I felt the need to wait a little longer, and this is why I am glad I did.  Can you tell me about tithes?  and the Sabbath?” So I did the flight was delayed one more hour and I was glad.  He said “I need to share with my wife why I stayed and we need to accept Jesus as our Savior.” 

The first Sabbath I was there the pastor took me to visit the tents, this one was set up at a park.  When I was there a woman came through walking they ask her if she would like them to pray with her, and of course she said yes.  As they took her into a private area she explained the need for prayer over a surgery that was coming up for her gallbladder.  I was introduced to her and we visit and I invited her to the meetings and she attended all the meeting and on Friday the last day she came to the front on the call for accepting Jesus and be baptized. 

While in Peru I wanted to purchase a comfortable pair of shoes to walk.  So on Thursday after we got through eating pizza, the pastor wanted to show Pastor Herald and I the mall.  So we walked, then we came to a shoe store, and I said “Pastor do you mind if I get a pair of sandals that are more comfortable than this?”  So I walked into the store and right away this young lady walked towards me and asked if I was visiting?  I said “yes”, She asked “are you a christian?” I said “yes.”  She then said “I need to tell you something:  I had a dream that all Trujillo was destroyed and there were people moaning, crying, it was total destruction, and I know that something is coming.”  So I explained about Mathew 24, 25 then I invited her to the meetings along with two other girls that were listening, and after she gave me all the  information, I introduced them to the pastors who were waiting for me.  We left and I still did not have the shoes.  So the next day I askd a friend to come with me to look at the mall for a comfortable pair of shoes.  I ask the Taxi driver to take us to a different entrance from the previous night, so he did.  We entered the store, I had blisters on my feet from my shoes.  As we walked in I noticed something familiar and it was the same store.  The girl Idania run to me and said “I must tell you what happen last night.  When I got home I told my husband what you said and we took out our Bible and read both chapters and my husband said to me, honey the only sign left is the spreading of the gospel and Jesus will come.  We want to go to the meetings!” 

What a Joy for me.

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