Soul Winning: “The Thoughtful Pastor Empowers the Layperson”

A pastor in upstate New York took the time to train, encourage and guide one of his young church lay-members. The pastor included this member as he gave Bible studies. Eventually, the pastor and this lay-member co- preached an evangelistic series. 

This lay-member, because of the thoughtful pastor and the promptings of the Holy Spirit, determined to live a life immersed in evangelism. He went to ARISE Institute (A Resource Institute for Soul Winning and Evangelism) directed by David Asscherick, then returned and teamed-up again with his pastor and went to a dark area in New York. They planted a church and the young man became the lay-pastor. 

The Holy Spirit was not done. The young man received and accepted a call to be a pastor of a three church district. He applied principles he had learned and NOW these three churches are growing. They are receiving the same training that the young man received from his thoughtful pastor. 

That young man was me, Dustin Hall. I am a 28 year old pastor who had no idea, on the day I determined to live a life dedicated to evangelism, how God would use me. I am so grateful for the pastor (Roger Curtis) who took the time to involve me in his work and train me. I am also thankful to be working in a conference (New York Conference) that believes that evangelism is for every person! In the past 18 months, God has blessed my district with 40 baptisms, most coming from lay-members rising up and doing the preaching through the use of the ShareHim evangelistic materials. 

I believe every person has the gifts to be an effective evangelist, but not everyone knows how to use those gifts. It is the job of the leadership of our church to show every layperson just how powerful they can be in the service of God. I praise Jesus that He showed me that being a pastor is about training, teaching
and coaching every member about sharing Him. 

Pastor Dustin Hall  

Article taken from the April/May 2009 addition of Evangeliving Newsletter

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