How To Get Into the Habit of Distributing Literature

  1. Store literature in one location in your house and car. Put it in a highly visible place like the countertop by the door you exit through, on a night stand, or in your car cup holder. Always take at least couple tracts with you wherever you go.
  2. Set a Goal- by passing out 3-4 tracts per day you’ll reach 100 a month.
  3. Practice self discipline- If you get inside a store and realize you forgot your GLOW, go back and get it real quick. If necessary, put a sign on your car door as a reminder to take literature with you.
  4. Find an accountability partner to help remind each other to GLOW!
  5. Pray during your devotional time for divine appointments. This not only helps you meet the right people at the right time with the right literature but it also helps get you into the mindset of incorporating it into your lifestyle.

What to say when handing literature to people

There are many things you can say when handing literature to people.
Here are a few phrases you can use:

  1. “Here’s something for you to read.”
  2. “Here’s something to read when you are bored.”
  3. “Hey-check this out!”
  4. “Here, this will help you with stress!
  5. “Here’s afree gift for you!”
  6. “Hey- do you like to read?”
  7. “Thanks, here’s something for you.”

“Let us put literature into every hand that will receive it.” PM 371.2
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Outreach Website- www.glowonline.org
E-mail-John. Miller@wc.npuc.org
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GLOW Study Guide

  • “Let every Seventh-day Adventist ask himself, ‘What can I do to proclaim the third angel’s message?”.. .It is to be proclaimed to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people. How are we to give it? The distribution of our literature is one means by which the message is to be proclaimed. Let every believer scatter broadcast tracts and leaflets and books containing the message for this time.” PM 349
  • The purpose of GLOW is to provide every willing-hearted church member with the training and materials necessary to become a literature evangelist.
  • “The press is apoweiflul means to move the minds ant/hearts of the people. The men of this world seize the press, and make the most of every opportunity to get poisonous literature before the people… If men, under the influence of the spirit of the world and of Satan, are earnest to circulate hooks, tracts, and papers of a corrupting nature, you should be more earnest to get ready matter of an elevating arid saving character before the people.” LS 216
  • Golden opportunities occur almost daily where the silent messengers of truth might be introduced into families and to individuals; but no advantage is taken of these opportunities 4T 389.2
  • “We are to make openings for the presentation of the truth. We are to improve every opportunity of drawing souls to Christ.” 9T 62.2
  • A Few Ways to GLOW: Intentional Sharing, Gas Stations, Restaurants, Bill Payments, Desk Holders, Cars, Newspaper Ad, Airplanes, Laundromats, Hotel Rooms, Big Gatherings, Halloween, Waiting Rooms, Caroling, Gift Baskets, Letters.
  • ‘. . . Tracts and papers might better go to three where they were not needed than to have one person of them who prizes them and can be benefited by them EW 96
  • “In a large degree through our publishing houses is to be accomplished the world of that other angel who comes down from heaven with great power and who lightens the earth with his glory.” 7T 140
  • “More than one thousand will soon be converted in one day, most of whom will trace their first convictions to the reading of our publications. RH, Nov 10, 1885.

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