Evangelism to the Blind

Pastors and Administrators,

Evangelism to the Blind-When a church conducts evangelistic meetings, Christian Record Services for the Blind can send a letter of invitation to every blind person who recieves materials from them who live in the church’s community. When blind people attend the meetings, Christian Record will provide Bible lessons in braille or large print as handouts at no charge. For more information, contact Pastor David Klinedinst, Personal Ministries Director at 402-488-0981 ext 246 or email pm@christianrecord.org.

Evangelism and Personal Ministries Preaching Series and Seminars– Are you looking for a way to revive mission in your church? For a list of available preaching series and seminars, visit the Living an Evangelistic Life website at www.davidklinedinst.com.

Pastor David M. Klinedinst
Christian Record Services
Director of Personal Ministries
402-488-0981 ext 246


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