Momentum: “Unlocking Revelation” at Center Point by George White

The Central Point Seventh-day Adventist Church members began to plan an evangelistic series about a year ago in 2009. We began by praying, asking God to help us have an effective program to be a light to our neighborhood.

We divided our church area into 12 sections and asked someone to be in charge of each section. We counted houses and began praying for the families that lived in the houses. We passed out KBLN TV (3ABN) Schedules in the areas of Central Point.

We felt led by the Holy Spirit to hold the meetings in the sanctuary rather in some hall in Central Point. God led us in the selection of our handbill and it seemed to be effective judging by the number of visitors we had at our series.

Handbills were mailed to every home in Central Point and more than 500 handbills were distributed by hand as members invited people to come to the meetings.

Our opening meeting was on Saturday night, April 24. Pastor George White spoke and presented 16 Power Point sermons, in the series titled “Unlocking Revelation.” Three extra presentations were on Sabbath mornings, visitors were invited to attend these Sabbath morning evangelistic presentations and several visitors attend these Sabbath morning presentations as well. We had an average of 62 attendees each night and most of the visitors who began the first night attended all or almost all of the meetings.

Many of our Central Point members were involved with parking, ushering, greeting, and record keeping. We had a children’s meeting to aid parents in attending the presentation.

We also had two baptismal classes, one in cooperation with the Shady Point SDA School, and one at the Central Point Church. Many Shady Point members supported the Unlocking Revelation Series by attending the meetings.

We had three baptisms, one in Shady Point Church adding 9 Shady Point members, and 3 Sunrise Church members, (from the Shady Point School Baptismal Class) and adding 9 Central Point members by baptism.

We praise God for each of the 23 people who were baptized into Jesus and we feel we were blessed in our outreach work for Christ.

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