Momentum: “Do you love me with the same love?” by Charles Hong

The third time he said to him, “Simon son of John, do you love me?” (John 21:17)

As an international student I am not required to go to field school (field school means helping Bible Prophecy Seminar as a class requirement at the seminary for 5 to 6 weeks). And also think about Skinny Asian guy who is extremely shy, totally different culture, and plus broken English with strong Korean Accent helping with a Bible Prophecy Seminar in the mid west – almost all white people. Do you think this could work? (Come on???) I doubt it. In humans eyes this is impossible.

However it worked because the Gospel is the power of God.

As a person born and raised in this church, I have always yearned to meet Jesus as my personal Lord and Savior and also I had a great burden for saving the lost, leading them to Christ.

I am sure you also have the same burden, maybe every Sabbath after worship service you felt something lack in your Christian life. The message was good but why is there no joy in my life? Or you might be questioned like this, true Christian life does not just mean sitting on the pews and listening to the preacher.

I had exactly those struggles. As a seminary student who studies about Jesus, reads great books about Him, listens about Christ from excellent teachers all over the world however somehow nobody can fill my emptiness, my burden for saving souls.

That is why I applied to join Boise Idaho (Treasure Valley) Field School.

On the way to Idaho, driving 30 hours from my Home, I was very nervous and worried about the events in Caldwell. So I prayed “Lord, you open the way to go to Idaho. Please help me.” I only can pray. But even God used me and my wife and He made great things happen during the meeting.

I have many beautiful stories of how God led me and my wife to meet precious souls to share His love but I only have limited pages so I want to briefly introduce one lady who was a Pathfinder member when she was fifteen. She was baptized at that time, but she married a non-Christian husband and after that she left church for 45 years. However God never forgot His child. This lady found our Bible Prophecy Seminar fliers in her mailbox. At that time, she had a strong feeling that she must go to the meetings. She came almost every night, soaked in the message, and finally she came back to her Heavenly Father by profession of Faith.

We only prayed for her, loved her, and shared what Jesus did in our lives.

Now she is praying for her Catholic husband to find the truth every single day.

Through my experience, I learned a very important lesson that when we share the Great Love of what Jesus did in our lives to the others with the same love He has given to us with prayers, we will experience pure joy of saving the lost.

Dear brothers and sisters (friends), do you think your Christian life is slacking or lacking? Do you want the spiritual revival in Acts in the Bible?

I encourage you to pray fervently and share what Jesus did in your life when you first fell in love with Him.

I am very sure that you “all” will experience the joy of saving souls.

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