“Hands On” Evangelism by Pastor Bill Tucker

We sometimes say we want to have a “hands on” experience. What does that mean? When I think of a “hands on” experience, I’m looking forward to a personal experience participating actively in whatever the event might be. What does “hands on” mean then, in the environment of Quiet Hour Ministries’ evangelism? When I want a “hands on” experience in evangelism, it means I will personally and directly be involved in the preaching, interacting with people, visiting people in their homes, and giving people I meet an opportunity to respond to my invitation to accept the claims of the gospel.

To physicians and other medical personnel who go with Quiet Hour Ministries on a short-term mission trip, it means to actively use their hands and expertise to make a difference in improving the quality of life for the people being ministered to.

As I read the gospel accounts of read more

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