Media & Adventist Benefits: Mt. Ellis Reaches 144,000 in Kohl’s Cares Miracle

It’s Official!

Mt. Ellis is Confirmed for $500,000 Kohl’s Cares Grant

On Friday night, September 3, a miracle happened for a small Adventist school in Bozeman, Montana.  Mount Ellis Academy finished 10th among all the schools in the nation in a Facebook vote with the prize being a $500,000 grant from Kohl’s Department Stores for each of the top 20 schools.  After verifying the votes, Kohl’s has confirmed Mt. Ellis as one of the 20 grant recipients.  Our intention is to use the money to rebuild our aging water/sewer infrastructure.

While a tremendous amount of human effort went into this campaign there is no question that the results were a gift from above.  We are very grateful to our Heavenly Father for constantly surprising by the ways He meets our needs.  While the grant is a much needed gift, the greatest miracle has to be the unified action of all the the people who care about our little school.  These supporters who acted with such passion and purpose on our behalf represent many nations and faiths.  We’re grateful to the world wide Seventh-day Adventist church that mobilized its resources to support us.  This support ranged from local congregations and sister schools all the way to the highest levels of administration.  We’re so proud to be part of a spiritual community we believe in.  We are equally grateful to our local Bozeman community.  The support of businesses, individuals and the local media exceeded our wildest dreams.  This truly is the Last Best Place.  Finally, a big thanks to the thousands who caught a passion for our cause; voting and promoting with no prior connection to our school.

On behalf of our little school in the beautiful Rocky Mountains I thank you for caring enough to vote and spread the word to your friends.  This success will give us opportunities to testify to the goodness of God and the excellence of our Adventist school system to a very large audience.  We will do our best to represent you well.

Click Here to watch a short “thank you” video from Wilkins.

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