Momentum: Radio Ministry

This year, our churches have been blessed throughout different ministries. First, I want to share a story from the radio ministry.

One Sunday morning, I received a call from Ricardo Centeno. He said thank you for the program and asked for a copy of the program that he heard. I visited him personally to deliver the CD’s by Pastor Alejandro Bullon. Those CD’s impacted Mr. Centeno in such a way that he became interested in studying the Bible. Then, I asked our Bible worker, Argenis Almerida, to start a small group, and as a result, Mr. Ricardo Centeno, his wife, Francisca, and their son, Miguel, were baptized at the end of our evangelistic meeting. They are now attending faithfully at the Pasco Spanish Church.

I also want to mention that, in October of the last year, one soul, Hugo, was added to the Kennewick Spanish Church thanks to our radio ministry.

Lastly, I want to share with you the effectiveness that youth small group has to reach young people. We started, in each church (Pasco and Kennewick Spanish) one small group for youth. The youth meet to study the Bible, to pray, give thanks, to eat and to play. These youth attended the evangelistic meetings and the week of prayer, and, as a result, two young, Pamela and Johanna, were baptized. They are the first fruits of these small groups in just three months! Another important thing is visitation. We are happy because a young lady, Marlene, come back to church, she was re-baptized and now she is attending church with her children.

Visitation played a crucial role in all these cases. Thank you Lord for bringing these wonderful people to our churches, Amen!

Jaime Flores (Pastor of the district of Tn-City, UCC)

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