Momentum: Evangelism All Year Long

Public Evangelism at Spokane Central Seventh-day Adventist Church in 2010 is something that happens all year long.  I began the year by encouraging the church to actively pray for someone whom God could use them as instruments of spiritual encouragement and salvation.  Everyone was given a prayer card with spaces to record names they are remembering to pray for.  Our plan was to have outreach opportunities throughout the year that these prayed-for-friends could be invited to.  The goal was to present the core biblical teachings in four segments and have a full-message lay-led evangelistic series in the fall. 

  1. The first outreach weekend coincided with Easter.  God’s mission, purpose and grace were exalted and we had our first baptism at the conclusion of this five part series. 
  2. The second outreach weekend involved the physical/emotional side of our being.  We called it “Secrets of Living Well.”  Health professionals from various disciplines (public health, medicine, social work, family counseling) were invited to present “secrets” of physical, family, emotional, dietary, and spiritual health.  It was a good weekend with an average evening attendance of about 70 individuals.  The Sabbath Sermon focused on the blessing of God’s rest in His weekly Sabbath. 
  3. Our third opportunity for inviting friends to a power-packed meeting was what we called our Signs of the Times Rally.  Central Church joined forces with the Linwood Church to present this weekend focusing on the soon and blessed return of Jesus.  We rented a beautiful public facility in downtown Spokane for the Sabbath meetings.  Friday evening was held in the Linwood Seventh-day Adventist Church.  There were eighteen commitments to Christ following a call at final meeting (Heritage Singers Concert) and many more making spiritual recommitments.  
  4. The final of the four weekends is yet to happen.  Steve Wohlberg has done quite a good job of exposing the spiritual dangers of the current vampire craze.  This final weekend will talk about the core spiritual truths of death and life after death.  Since the “Twilight” films have been such a hit recently, this should give members an open door to invite friends and neighbors who undoubtedly have seen or heard about these films.

The year will end with a full-message Share-the-Life evangelistic series lead out by our Bible Worker Coordinator and Outreach leadership Team.  We are praying and hoping for many commitments to Christ.

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