Changed Lives: Personal Relationship

Melissa (not her real name) was raised in an Adventist home, but was never baptized.  She believed in God, but never gave her heart to Him.  It just never seemed to be a priority to her.  God was there, but He wasn’t personal to her.  She wasn’t sure what role God really played in her daily life and her decisions. 

She went through high school like this and then went to college.  Nothing really changed in her spiritual experience as she became a nurse and then received a Masters of Public Health degree.  During this time she met Brandon (not his real name) & they were married.  Brandon finished his emergency medicine residency and they moved to Washington along with their two children.  Melissa was now ready to find a church home for her children.  Even though she didn’t have a personal relationship with Jesus, she wanted her children to know the Bible stories and hear about God. 

As she attended church, she became more interested in knowing about the “personal relationship” that was being talked about and modeled by so many people.  Melissa began searching and studying as a result of the messages of hope she heard at church.  She realized that her life had been superficial and without meaning in spite of the academic successes she had experienced.  She wanted more out of life. The messages of hope and the spirit of God in this church moved her to the point of giving her heart to Jesus.  Jesus became real to her as she heard real stories from real people at church who had experienced God’s power to overcome addictions, marital problems, financial struggles and more. 

Melissa gave her heart to Jesus and now wants to serve Him.  She was baptized on September 11 in the midst of this evangelistic series.  Melissa has already volunteered to be a part of the health ministry team.  Brandon was baptized as a child, but has recommitted his life to Jesus as well.

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