Momentum: God Cares for You

This is the title of the five-month series of meetings we conducted as a Russian SDA Group in Spokane, WA. It is estimated that one out of 12 people in Spokane speaks Russian. We have somewhere between 25,000 to 30,000 Russian speaking immigrants in Spokane area. Every Friday beginning in May, 2010 we have conducted the meetings in our Church building going step-by-step through the book of Revelation. The theme of the meetings reveals God’s love for us in the end times, our mission was to present hope that we have in Jesus, to present the doctrines of the Bible that give us assurance and hope.

The speaker for the meeting was pastor Volody Nesteruk. We have done advertising through the media, printed invitations only for personal distribution and we have also encouraged our members to come every night and bring a friend. We had a steady group through the whole series of meetings. The group was around 40 people every night, out of them we had 10-15 non SDA people every night for 5 months.

Each presentation started with singing – we sang 3 songs with the people, then we had one special music and then we studied the Word. We have used brand new PowerPoint slides that were developed by pastor Volody. Each meeting would last usually 1 hour. We had cards for the questions.

We had a great spirit in our meetings. We believe it was the result of much prayer by Pastor Volody and the Prayer team that met weekly during the meetings.

Several Baptist families have regularly attended the meetings. They have started keeping the Sabbath in their homes and attending our services regularly. The highlight of our meetings was the Baptismal service that our church conducted at Camp MiVoden. On August 14 we had 5 people baptised into God’s Church. We made that event very special.

As a result of the meetings we have another 7-10 people who made the commitment to keep the Sabbath and study further. We continue the Bible Studies with them every Friday in our church. Our new friends are open and willing to study more before they make the decision about joining the church.

The series was a great blessing for the members of the church. Thank you for your prayers and support to the Russian – language ministry in Spokane.

Pastor Volody Nesteruk of the Spokane Slavic Church

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