S.K.W.S.T.A. – Ann Atkins

The Three Angels’ Messages

First Angel

  • Announced the trial was to begin: “The hour of his judgment has come”
  • What is the topic/subject of this trial: Worship

Second Angel

  • Announced the verdict of the trial:  Babylon is guilty
  • Babylon caused the nations to turn away from worshiping God
  • Adultery is having a relationship with the wrong person (Satan instead of God)

Third Angel

  • Announcement of the sentence:
  • Worshipers of the beast will receive beast’s mark
  • Worshipers of the beast will drink of God’s wrath
  • Worshipers of the beast will be burned – eternal death

I am impressed that the worship of God or Satan has been the issue ever since Creation – and it will be seen here at the end of time with the 3 angels.  Do I put my trust wholly in God or do I “do it myself”–which is Satan’s way?

Ann Atkins – Member of the Newport Seventh-day Adventist Church in Newport, WA

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