Building Soul Winning Momentum – 2006-2010 Online Resources

During the past few years the NPUC has produced an enormous amount of resources for the churches as well as for the general public. Some of these resources are being sold to the public at a very reasonable price just to cover cost and to continue to produce more materials. These resources are professionally made for television with original art and music.

I am pleased to announce that thanks to the work of Todd Gessele, the NPUC Media and Marketing director, we now have them online. Todd spent hundreds of hours producing and uploading these videos in the internet, and now we have them free of charge in our web site. Please check them out, you will be excited about your church and thrilled to share these resources with other people.

Click on the following links to watch each series online:

Disponible en español:


These are just some of the exciting tools we have available for you online. Some of these are also available on youtube. If you prefer to have high resolution DVD’s you can order those too. We are out of most of the DVD’s already but would order more if you are interested, please contact Todd Gessele. Please share these resources with your friends.

May God continue to pour blessings upon you.

Ramon J. Canals
Vice President and Ministerial Director
North Pacific Union Conference

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